Friday, October 8, 2010

Blast from the Past - Flashback 'June - September 2010'

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it ~ Greg Anderson

The start of the academic year is always exciting at IMNU. It is a nice blend of 300 new and excited faces amongst 300 who have been there ... It is a season where new students are exposed to the cult IMNU ... the various clubs and committees. If one were to ask anyone about the process of the selection of junior members of the clubs and committees, there would be a unanimous reply to that ... the length of the interviews exceed the length of interviews it took to get into IMNU and the tasks are not a cakewalk. I believe the experience of going through an interview for a club / committee you want to get into and the feeling you get on converting it is unmatchable. I feel proud to be a part of both a committee(Student Activity Committee) and a club(NiCHE - The Marketing Club of IMNU). NiCHE defines who I am.

NiCHE was one of the first clubs to organise a fun-filled event for the fresher batch. The event was named Masquerade, it required the participants to market a product given to them in a very innovative and creative manner. The event was a huge success with over 35 teams of 3 members each registering and taking part in Masquerade. Few highlights of the event were the famous 'Aata Chaata' Ad by the team of Shivani Arora, Praneta Shukla and Swati Vishnoi, The 'Pappu Toliye' Ad by Manpreet Singh, Deepika Bhatt and Nikita Pareek. 

The winning teams were: 
First Prize ~ Team 'Bucket'
Second Prize ~ Team 'Nail-Cutter'
Third Prize ~ Team 'Pasta'
With a Special Prize for Team 'Aata Chaata' 

After the success of the Event Masquerade, Senior NiCHE began its quest to hand over the mantle to the Juniors. After receiving 100s of applications and a couple of days of interviewing they selected 22 members who had the potential to become a part of team NiCHE. The batch of 22 was split in 2 teams of 11 each and each given a task to organise an event of the caliber of Masquerade ... One task stood as the final hurdle between NiCHE and the few selected.

Enter Team 1: 
Event ~ Façade – what can you be??

An event named ‘façade’ was organized by NiCHE. The participants had to enact products, wherein different categories of the same were given. They had to identify the products of the chosen category and had to ‘be’ the product they were selling.

The event was fun-filled with all the participants coming up with innovative ideas, jingles, features, all with acting and ‘being’ the product itself.
Enthusiasm was infectious, with teams pricking products like Surf Excel vs Nirma, Perk vs Munch etc.

The winning team was Tapas Gupta and Ashish Agarwal who enacted Jockey and Rupa Brands respectively.
The runners-up team was of Rajesh Sawant and Romil Doshi who enacted Surf Excel and Nirma Respectively. Prizes for the event were Cash Rs.100 for the winners and Rs.50 for the Runner-up and loads of Chocolates for the participants and audience.

Enter Team 2:
Event ~ Mark-O-Logo

NiCHE organised another event called ‘MARK-O-LOGO’ wherein skills had to be represented in real life situation. A logo, Brand and Tag Line had to be designed for ‘Krisp Solutions’ an IT firm in Ahmedabad. The event was a huge success owing to the teams who participated with full vigor and come up with really creative logos. We received over 30 entries for the event from participants in teams of 3. 

The logos were a perfect blend of creativity, purpose and vision with a conspicuous uniqueness in each team’s performance.
Krisp Solutions selected a logo and has implemented it … the winners were Parth Das and Gargi Roy. The prize was Cash Rs. 150 and a consolation prize worth Rs. 100/- was given to the second best entry.

 The List of the final 11 who made it through is as follows: 
Ashish Agarwal
Arghya Biswas
Gaurav Somani
Kittu Rajpal
Mitesh Jain (FB)
Praveen Wakle
Rajiv Mehra
Romil Doshi
Ruchi Sachdeva
Sidharth Udani
Surbhi Jain (FB)

RannBhumi 'The Quest for the Best' - The battle of the sections...
The first event organised by the new team was RannBhumi ~ 'The Quest for the Best'. RannBhumi comprised of branding one's section. The sections designed the Names, Logos, Tag Lines, Chants, Songs, T-Shirts and Videos for themselves. The battle that started in the First Trimester shall continue for atleast until next 2 years with each section not wanting to miss any opportunity to prove themselves superior over the others. The memories of this event shall remain in the hearts and minds of everyone for a long long time. 

The Auditorium was no less than a stadium … With the rotating trophies at stake, students from each Section turned up in numbers to extend their support to their respective teams.

The Best T-Shirt Design was awarded to Vikings – Section A (FT)

The Best Section Branding was awarded to Dynamos – Section B (FB)
On Behalf of my team, I would like to congratulate the sections once again and thank them for making RannBhumi a great success and help carry on a tradition at IMNU. Thank you Team Vikings, Samurai, Bohemians, Falcons & Dynamos.

No matter how badly we want the good times and things to carry one, they must come to an end. Thus Trimester One / Four came to an end, the memories are so fresh in the minds of everyone that it feels like yesterday. With your help I am sure we can make good --> better and better --> Best! Hoping to get your extended support and encouragement in the 2nd / 5th Trimester as well. Your support is the motivating for Team NiCHE to  perform better each time and come up with events like no other. 

Thanking You once again...

On Behalf of Team NiCHE
Romil Doshi :)