Friday, July 29, 2011

Its Creative to be simple....

Just watched lot of commercials yesterday. The advertisers potray nothing but simple moments of our daily life but it all looks so noticed and special when you see these moments as a spectator. Was just wondering every moment we live carries a story, a special touch. We so much miss the little things in life. Every moment can be a memory, every memory a meaning...Its so beautiful, its so nice. There is so much fun in each of these, so much love and so much care. Also wonder, if its difference that is creative or simplicity. May be we carried away with assigning priorities to memories and experiences, so something's different, we call as creative and just ignore the simple cues in life. Ads yet identify them- these days it seems, it is Creative to be simple...Loved watching those ads..Made my day.. :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well. NiCHE is back after a long summer break, back in action, back to business.

We held the first event for the academic year 2010-2012. 'Cine-Teasement' was targeted at welcoming the juniors (Batch 2011-2013) to IMNU the NiCHE way. Cine-Teasement was a fine blend of Cinema and Advertisement. The participants participated in teams of 3, they were supposed to pick a movie and a product at random from our list. The bottom line was to create an concept for an entertaining advertisement for the product chosen using the theme of the movie.

We filtered the participants on the basis of their round 1 performances and 7 teams entered the final round. The top 3 teams were announced and will be given the prizes. Hoping the enthusiasm created by this event gains momentum and we see similar or even better responses for or upcoming events.

On Behalf of NiCHE - The Marketing Club of IMNU,
Romil Doshi :-)

Poster for Cine-Teasement